Friday, November 24, 2017

Love Potion No.9 (九号人缘油)

Casanovas are dying for Phra Ngang rituals because they believe that Phra Ngang can bestow them with super attractive powers through various love rituals. Below is how to make so-called 'Love Potion #9':

1. First grind rice grains and sugar into powder and add the mixture into coconut oil or perfume.

2. Empower the oil/perfume with the below mantra:

"Mu tu chee tang, su wa mu ken,
Ta sar wa li ma man, pi yong na ma,
Pei ta chew ha are mai,
Took lang, yong ta wa ka, long
Sir tong su ta wa, sir pi chen na,
Pa wu chen na, yi ti chen na,
San mai mu na, put ling mai na mu na
Siong shen san ti" 

(49x for 7 nights)

3. After the empowerment, the love potion is used to apply on one's brows before meeting the one you desired.

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