Friday, November 24, 2017

Love Potion No.9 (九号人缘油)

Casanovas are dying for Phra Ngang rituals because they believe that Phra Ngang can bestow them with super attractive powers through various love rituals. Below is how to make so-called 'Love Potion #9':

1. First grind rice grains and sugar into powder and add the mixture into coconut oil or perfume.

2. Empower the oil/perfume with the below mantra:

"Mu tu chee tang, su wa mu ken,
Ta sar wa li ma man, pi yong na ma,
Pei ta chew ha are mai,
Took lang, yong ta wa ka, long
Sir tong su ta wa, sir pi chen na,
Pa wu chen na, yi ti chen na,
San mai mu na, put ling mai na mu na
Siong shen san ti" 

(49x for 7 nights)

3. After the empowerment, the love potion is used to apply on one's brows before meeting the one you desired.

Horse Betting (赌马)

Other than infamous of love magic, Phra Ngang can also be used to do horse betting. Of course, you will take your own risks if you try this ritual yourself:

1. Write the names of all of the horses that will participate in the day's race except the horse that you wish to bet on while reciting the below mantra non-stop:

"Put tang na pa na lang,
Tang mang na pa na lang,
Sang kang na pa na lang,
Tu ti yang pi,
Wu mit are mit,
Ma hit su tang,
Om pa sar sar khu lor,
Sip ti sip, pa hit home."

2. Buy one new Phra Ngang amulet or statue and dip it into flower water and perfume together with kaffir lime for one day. Use the scented water to take a shower the next afternoon. After that, dip the Phra Ngang into liquor for one night. Pour the liquor away the next night.

3. After that, buy 7 types of flowers of various colors, one kaffir lime and 9 pieces of betel leaves. Recite the below mantra to empower your horse:

"Hee, took pa jia yeo, 
ya lam ma na, mu ja-i yeo, 
are pi mu ti pa ja-i yeo, 
are pi mu ti pa ja-i-yeo, 
sar li mang mu ja-i yeo, 
ka jia, cha cha na, 
mu ja-i yeo, 
art sau wan na, na na mu ja-i yeo."

Flower Bath (花水)

Flower bath is a common ritual in Asian magic especially the Thai and the Malay magic. The way of Phra Ngang flower bath ritual is somehow different. Having said so, the purpose of taking flower bath is always the same: increase one's luck and attractiveness.

1. Prepare 1 cup of brandy, 1 piece of banana, 1 piece of coconut, 3 pieces of eggs, some flower and 1 piece of kaffir lime.

2. The mantra:

"Ya h na san ma ha tar koo foo na,
Sia h na sia h na zhou tar h na kong ma,
Par ha na ah chan ngang,
Put zhi san ma too hee na,
Ma ha na ma ha na chan,
Chan too h na kong ma,
Kong ma kong ma put zhi h,
Na san ma chan chan." (21x)

Flying Needles (飞针)

Flying needles is a type of black curse meant to harm an opponent by piercing needles into an effigy in place of the actual person. It is believed that through spiritual means the physical needles will be transferred into the target. Almost all magic traditions will have one form of flying needle rituals or another. Below is the Phra Ngang way:

1. Releasing needles:

"Eng ngang yong pang su su ti mei,
Mee loh loh hee, yi tong mu ni,
Su ma mat, are la tie ya.
`Su pa ti pa ti ma ma." (49x)

2. Retrieving needles: 

"Eng ngang yong pang su su ti mei,
Mee loh loh hee, yi tong mu ni,
Are la tie zhe li.
Su pa ti pa ti ma ma." (49x)

3. To retrieving needles cast by other magicians:

"Zhong tang lee h na san ma ha,
Meng ling ka na na wen h tay h,
Pa ha ka toh san ma ha nee zhou tar,
ka ha na loh pa han ah chen chen zhang tay,
shen xiong na phra ngang koh na ha tay." (7x)

4. Items required:
a. 3 pieces of bananas
b. 7 pieces of needles
c 7 pieces of Phra Ngang amulets or statues
d. Jasmine flowers
e. Some chicken blood

Ritual For Casting Magic

General magic rituals:

1. Chant the below mantra 21x for 7 nights consecutively for general purpose ritual:

"Kong h kong tay h foo, mian tong san tong koh sar wah mian, man man toh h na ka tay, pu zhi sar na ha, ha na zhou tar pee pee, zhi h na san ma tong koh ha, koh ha chen xiong pu zhi na ha, pu zhi chen toh too h sar wa mian, feng tian ku man man ka pa zhou tar, sar chye chen h ku ku ha ha, tar ha sar loh ha j h na, ha na pu zhi hee zhou tar, pay tiao sar ku ha, sar ha zhou xiong chen toh chan chan, zhi zhi pu zhi loh ha ka ha."

2. One has to prepare some chicken blood, guave leaves 24 pieces and 1 cup of tap water.

Black magic rituals:

1. Chant below mantra 13x for 7 nights.

"Ka ka zhou xiong phra ngan zhou tar, eng tea ku ha na chan chan, pu zhi sar wah mian, tay h na kong ma pu loo."

2. Prepare 1 cup of tap water, 1 packet of flowers, 3 pieces of bananas, 1 piece of peach and 1 piece of guava.

Phra Ngang Kata & Sutra (总咒)

1. Phra Ngang Kata

Chee ti chee tang chee yi lo,
Ma ni are ka chye yi,
sar toh na put ti.

Om phra ngang,
Ma are wu, too sar na su,
Ni ha na ha yea tar,
Ku fu ang ng ta kuan sar hi,
Pay mo kor kor toh,
Li hock pay mi ha pa a tang a tang.

Om phra ngang,
Kum chin kum tong kum chin nai tong,
Tong mun sar wa ha, sam sin sam tai ka hong yi,
See na ka yi, took hong ka yi.

2. Phra Ngang Sutra

Om are la ta ka mi, ma li ma mo,
Are li ta ka ya, ma li ma mo,
Eng ngang, hui shea shea yi,
Yi peng li ya low pier kang, yi ya kang,
s su po ti sar ya mit, eng ngang ka su su,
Ma po yong san su su ka ma,
na ma mi han.

3. Phra Ngang Sutra-Kata

Put na chen, ka tar na,
Chin ti om chen toh lor,
Ti na pi shen na long,
Put sar put su ma,
Na ka na, tar toh pai,
Sum hui sar tia ya ka,
Put pan too tian wa ka,
wa toh ho ha ma ma,
Wa ha su sar ha ti,

4. Phra Ngang Demi-god Sutra

Pa eng ngang, sir pi chen na, ma are wu
Chen na, la cha wu ma lor are,
La cha wu ma li wa,
Long ma lor wa,
Long ma li wa,
Ku na wu li wa,
Put li sar suo wa,
Put li sar ser wa,
Pa li jie wa,
She wu wa,
Pa lu wa,
Pa yi wa,
Ma man na kuan toh.

Cha pay kan na, ta are liang wa,
Na siang li, wu ma low wa,
Yi home na li wa,
Long ma lu wa,
Long ma chye ka wa,
Are took mai li wa,
Ma lor are ser wa,
Pu li sar chong wa, pu li sar ser wa.

Pa sar kan chong wa,
Siang sar shui wa,
Yea ker wa,
Yea zhi li wa,
Pa lor wa choo wa,
Ma man siang pu too.

Prayer For Phra Ngang Power

Na mo lo ho mon pai, a pi pa bo,
Put tang na mo Buddhaya, ma are wu mo ma mo ko,
Buddham kali yoke,
Dhamman kali yoke,
Sangkham Kali yoke. (7x)

Part 1:
Om ma sar ta kong ti kee lau,
Pin c wee lau,
Ka chan g ti ma jho ma sa wa ti (7x)

Part 2:
Ni boon loong phor kun kun la sar,
Eng too ka pa jiao,
Ter ken nun it ta,
su su ma la,
su su ma la,
su su ma la. (3x)

Part 3:
Om pa ka wa namo Buddhaya nama pa ta (7x)